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Property Division

Learn about your legal obligations

Separating from your spouse can be daunting especially when the parties have assets, debts and liabilities that must be divided or shared. The parties must therefore be sensitive to the fact that there could be significant financial disparities between them depending upon whether the above are held independently or jointly. It is for this reason that we recommend both parties retain the assistance of family law professionals to help with the equalization process as often the division of property can become a rather difficult endeavour. Stanley Family Law has extensive training and expertise in this area of law and can help you successfully fulfill your legal obligation to divide your property upon the dissolution of your marriage. In the alternative, if you were in common law relationship then our professionals can advise you how the current law applies to your circumstances.

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Financial Support

Child support and spousal support

Child support is legislated by both the federal and provincial government and is generally paid according to the income of the payor spouse and the number of children that he or she is obligated to support. There are a number of considerations that can impact the determination of support including where the children primarily reside and whether their residence is shared or split between the parents. Spousal support on the other hand is often determined with the assistance of the spousal support advisory guidelines which take into consideration various factors including the income of the parties, the length of the relationship, the number of children of the relationship, as well as the demonstrated need of the recipient to require financial assistance from the other spouse. To learn more about spousal support simply click the link below.

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Child Custody

Parenting children following separation

Upon the breakdown of a relationship the best interests of the children are of primary concern to all affected parties. Parents must therefore establish parenting guidelines and principles so that each parent understands their respective role when it comes to parenting their children. The most common issue that parents are generally confronted with pertains to the decision making authority of the children including decisions related to the health of the parties children as well as the education and religion of their children. Often parents have shared decision making authority also known as joint custody. However, when parents cannot cooperate nor communicate effectively regarding their children it may be more reasonable for one parent to have sole decision making authority or sole custody so as to minimize any conflict between the parents.

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Family Law Professionals Providing Quality Legal Advice

Family Law Divorce & Separation Lawyer in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton & Surrounding Area

Stanley Family Law is a family law firm that specializes in drafting domestic contracts including cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts and separation agreements. Stanley Family Law also specializes in drafting parenting plans and residential access schedules. Our lawyers have extensive training in the said areas and can assist you with any family law related issue that is to be incorporated into a written document. Stanley Family Law also has extensive expertise preparing divorce applications, divorce opinion letters, as well as negotiating child custody and access issues, child support, spousal support, and property division claims. If you are looking for assistance in respect to any of the aforementioned areas of expertise then you have come to the right place. All you have to do is contact us to set up an appointment for a free initial consultation and we will be happy to discuss your situation with you further. If you would like to learn more about us and the services that we provide then simply click the link below to find out more or, in the alternative, you can choose to browse our website to learn more about the services that we offer to our clients.

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Free Initial Consultation

Stanley Family Law can assist whether you wish to have a marriage contract or separation agreement drafted or you are simply concerned about your legal rights and responsibilities that pertain to either child custody and access arrangements, issues related to child support, spousal support, or even property division claims. Our firm offers free initial consultations. Prior to meeting with one of our qualified lawyers you will fill out a brief questionnaire that will be reviewed by the lawyer that is meeting with you. You will then have a thirty minute free consultation during which you may ask questions and become better informed as to how the law may apply to your current circumstances.

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Our Professional Expertise

Stanley Family Law specializes in the practice of family law. We work diligently on all matrimonial related issues including divorce proceedings, the division of property between married and unmarried spouses, child support, spousal support, child custody, child access, and the drafting of domestic contracts, parenting plans as well as residential access schedules. Our lawyers have years of experience practising in each of the above mentioned areas of law and are highly devoted to obtaining the best possible results for their clients. To learn more about the services that Stanley Family Law offers simply click the link below or give us a call to see how one of our lawyers can assist you.

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Established Fee Schedule

Stanley Family Law offers hourly rates that are highly competitive with other family law firms. During your free initial consultation the lawyer meeting with you will provide you with a short initial consultation agreement that outlines our established hourly fee schedule and any other associated costs that you may be billed for services rendered. This way there are no surprises when you are invoiced and every charge is clear and expected. Our intent is to establish an open and honest relationship with all of our clients, one that is based on integrity, honesty, dedication, and devotion. To learn more about our firm and the services that we provide simply click the link below.

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